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Most of the stores in America accept Apple pay because the users of iPhone are very high. It is very convenient to the users while making payments. But does Walmart accept Apple pay ? Lets take a look into this article to know about payment methods of Walmart.

Company Name : Walmart
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Walmart is the biggest departmental store in America. You can get groceries and other wanted stuff at a reasonable prices including their discount price. Surprisingly Walmart’s payment methods are very unique. Walmart accept the payments digitally through the Walmart pay app, they won’t accept the other payments like Apple pay. We all know that Apple pay is used by many users in America. In this Article you will know how to pay the bills of Walmart without Apple pay?.

What payment methods does Walmart accept ?

Walmart doesn’t accept any of other digital payments except their Walmart pay app. Walmart won’t accept other digital payments like Apple pay. Most of the customers carry their credit/debit cards when they visit Walmart. It is easiest way of making payments and takes less time. You can also take Cash to make payments. Walmart accepts all the cards like Debit card, Credit card, Visa Card, Master Cards of any Bank.

How to Make payments at Walmart using Smartphone ?

You can make payments of Walmart bills by using Smartphone. iPhone user can also pay the bills of Walmart without Apple pay. Smartphone users need to install an app called “Walmart App” in your device iPhone user also can install the Walmart app from App Store. Walmart app is user friendly to handle and to make payments. Your Bank Account must be linked to the app for the transaction. Secure your account in Walmart app by using PIN or your touch ID (finger print).

How to use Walmart app to make Payments ?
  • Firstly download and install the Walmart app in your device.
  • Secure your account in the app using finger print or using PIN.
  • In the next step you need to add your credit/debit card. by using your card you will get Gift cards.
  • Make your payments by scanning your QR Code.
  • Enter your PIN (which is created to secure your account) to make payment success.
Why Walmart doesn’t accept Apple pay ?

Walmart won’t accept Apple pay because of the processing fee which will impact their profits. Walmart always avoids the processing fee whenever it is possible. Apple pay works on NFC but Walmart doesn’t support NFC technology.

About Walmart : Walmart was founded by Sam Walton in nearby Rogers, Arkansas in the year 1962. Delware General Corporation Law started on Oct 31st in the 1969. Walmart also has branches called as Sam’s Club retail Warehouses. Right now Walmart has 10,593 clubs and stores with 48 different names in 24 countries.

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