How to set Reminders on iPhone – Quickly 2022

We all do need reminders to complete some non-routine works. We do remember our works that we do daily, but we forget some works which are not a routine. In such cases we definitely need reminders to get that work done. In iPhones we can set reminders manually and you can setup using voice assistant (Siri) just by saying some simple voice commands. In the reminders app you can create individual lists and you can add items to those lists. When you are finished with that item then you can mark that item in the list as it is completed. All the lists that you have created will get synced with iCloud services.

Here in this article you will know about Reminders, how to setup reminders, how to create lists, how to setup reminders using voice assistant, how to manage your lists, how to set repeated reminder on Mac, how to delete Reminders etc. If you want to know more details about Reminder then read this article completely.

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How to Set Reminders on the iPhone :

To create a new Reminder on the iPhone manually then please do follow these simple steps given below :

New Reminder on iPhone
  • First you need to open the Reminders app on your phone and then select New Reminder option which is located in the left bottom.
  • In the next page, you need to enter a title for the new reminder and any relevant notes.
  • Now you should select Add to set the reminder as it is, but you need to add date and time for the reminder to get it worked as planned. You can also select Details to enter optional date, time, and location settings.
  • Now turn the Date slider On and select a date for the reminder to set.
  • Also turn the Time slider On and choose a time for the reminder on the selected date.
  • If you turn the Location slider On. The Reminders app triggers a reminder when you arrive or depart from a specified location.
  • Select Priority option and choose one of these options such as None, Low, Medium, or High. The default option will be None. The Reminders app will not sort the items in a list based on your priority. It only displays the priority along with the items in a list.
  • At last select Add option to save the reminder.

How do I create a List using Reminder app :

To create Lists using Reminder app you should follow these steps mentioned below :

  • In the first step you need to open the Reminders app and select Add List option which is located in the right bottom.
  • Now enter a title in the New list field for the New list. Example, type Vegetable List.
  • Kindly select a colored dot to identify the list with a color.
  • Then select Done button to save the empty list.
  • Now re-open the list and tap anywhere in the blank space to add an item or you can simply select New Reminder which is located in the right bottom.
  • After entering items in a list, please select the calendar icon to set a reminder on particular date for the item or the arrow icon to set a location.
  • When finished adding items then select Done button.
  • If you want to change the name and appearance of the list or delete the list select the Edit menu in the Top-right corner (three dots).
  • When you finished the item tap on the circle which is at the left side of the item.
  • If you want to return to the Reminders main menu then select Lists option.

How to set Reminder using SIRI (Voice Assistance) :

It is the simplest way to set reminders. All you need to do is just use some voice commands which are ‘Remind me to’ or ‘Set Reminder to’. When you say those commands to Siri then it will set reminders in Reminder app.

  • If you want to set reminder on particular date and time then use this command ” Remind me to pay Electricity bill on August 7th 10:00 AM “.
  • If you want to set reminder on particular address then use this command ” Remind me to buy a cake when I arrive Baker street, London “.
  • If you want to set reminder on particular location then use this command ” Remind me to mail HR when I get home “.

How can I manage the Lists in the Reminder app :

You can easily manage all your lists in the Reminders app. Open your Reminders app in your device then tap at the button of the screen to see the main menu which contains all the lists that you have created. From there you can manage or open the lists. Every list is in different colors with unique titles to get accessed easily. If you want to open the list just tap on the Title name. If you want to set the lists in a particular order then tap on hold on a list and drag it and place it where ever you want to. If you want to Delete the list then tap on Edit button and then tap Delete List button to delete the list.

How to set repeating Reminders on Mac :

It is a simple way to set repeating reminders on your Mac please do follow the given steps below :

  • First open Reminders app in your Mac.
  • Please select Add ‘ + ‘ icon which is located at Top-right corner to add new Reminder.
  • Give a name or title to the Reminder.
  • Now tap on ( i ) icon to set date and time.
  • Now select the Date that you want to get remind.
  • Then select the Time to get reminded.
  • Now tap on Repeat and then set it to Custom.
  • Select Frequency and select Hourly and tap on OK button.
  • Done!.

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