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LMPeople is the online website which is made for employees of Lockheed Martin Corporation. By using this site employees of Lockheed Martin can see their work schedules, pay stubs, and also they can download their w2 and they can do any work related things any where and any time through online. Please read the full Article to know more details.

Company Name : Lockheed Martin
Company official link : lockheedmartin.com

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Login Requirements for Employees of LMPeople :

There are three ways to login to the LMPeople it is 1,login using username and password, login using User ID, login using Lockheed Martin Smart Badge.

Requirements for Login using username and password :

  • To Login you will need these things.
  • Firstly you should have an official login URL which is www.lmpeople.com
  • You should have Username (Enterprise Unclassified Forest NTID)
  • You must have a Password (LM People account)

Requirements for Login Using SecurID :

  • Firstly you should have an official login URL which is www.lmpeople.com
  • You must have an User ID.
  • You should also have a RSA token code (Token code is visible in the SecurID)
  • You must have Pin to Login.

Requirements for Login using LM Smart Badge :

  • To Login you should have these things.
  • You must have an official login URL which is www.lmpeople.com.
  • It is smart badge login type so you must have a certificate called DigiCert Global CA G2.
  • You also must have Smart Badge hardware token.

How to Login to LMPeople at lmpeople.com :

To Login to LMPeople there are ways, you can Login using Login Credentials (Username & Password), you can login using SecurID, also you can login using LM smart badge. These are the three ways to login to LMPeople.

  • In the first step, please visit the official login website of Lockheed Martin which is www.lmpeople.com.
  • Next step you will be in Login page, which shows three login methods.
  • Select the Login Method You want.
  • when you tap on a Login method it will take you into Lockheed Martin Official sign In page.

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Login Method Using Smart Card :

If you tap on a Smart Card Login method it will take you into Lockheed Martin Official sign In page. Follow these steps to login to your LM People account using Smart Card:

  • In the first step, your browser should be on the latest version.
  • Next please connect your Smart Card reader to your PC if it is not connected before.
  • Now kindly Insert your LMPeople Smart Card or hardware access token in the reader.
  • Later that please go to this link : access.lockheedmartin.com
  • When you visit the link which is “access.lockheedmartin.com” then you are allowed to access your LMPeople account.
Login Method Using SecurID :

Follow these steps to login to your LMPeople account using SecurID :

  • In the first step you should visit the official LMPeople login site which is ‘www.lmpeople.com‘.
  • Next tap on the SecurID login method to Login using SecurID.
  • After selecting the SecurID method it will load will open login page using SecurID.
  • Then kindly enter your Username in the text field.
  • In the next step, kindly enter the RSA token code along with the pin in the Passcode section.
  • In the last stage please tap on the ‘Sign-On’ button to get access to your account.
Login Method Using Username and Password :

Please do follow these steps to login to your LMPeople account using Username and Password :

  • In the first step please visit the official login page of Lockheed Martin where the URL is www.lmpeople.com.
  • Then please select the Password + Verification option in Login method page.
  • when you select login method in the LMPeople site you will be automatically redirected to the LM’s Sign-On page.
  • Then kindly enter your username in the text field.
  • Also enter your password in the suitable text field to login.
  • In the last step kindly tap the ‘Sign-On’ button to get access to your account.
Contact Details of Lockheed Martin :

Here are some Contact Details of Lockheed Martin as mention below :

  • Lockheed Martin’s Employee Service Center Number (Toll-free number): 866-562-2363 | 1-800-435-7063.
  • Contact number of Overseas employee : 201-242-4397.
  • For Employee verification | General Inquiries Contact : 1-800-367-5690
  • Contact number of Aeronautics : 1-877-214-5230

Lockheed Martin Security Operations Center Contact Information :

  • Lockheed Martin Security Phone Number: (407)306-7311
  • Lockheed Martin Security Toll-Free Number: (866) 330-7311
  • Lockheed Martin Fax: (720)479-2750

Contact Number of Enterprise Operations (including International): 1-866-444-8323

Contact Number of Missiles and Fire Control : 1-407-356-2501

Contact Number of Space department : 1-866-455-4772

About : LM stands for Lockheed Martin which is an American Corporation that handles arms, aerospace, information security, defense, and technology corporation with interests. Lockheed Martin was established in March 1995 by the Lockheed Corporation merger with Martin Marietta. The headquarters of LM is in North Bethesda, Maryland, Washington, D.C. Lockheed Martin has more than 115,000 employees worldwide. Lockheed Martin Corporation gets 78% of revenue from the Military Sales.

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