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McDonald’s Breakfast Hours : McDonald’s Breakfast Timings

The break fast hours of McDonald’s may vary based on location and based on their franchise restaurant’s timing. In United states most of the McDonald’s restaurants serves breakfast Monday to Friday at 5am ( Timings may vary store to store) they serve till 10:30am. Saturday, Sunday they extended the time to 11am during weekends. Most of the restaurants in US stops preparing breakfast when they started preparing main menu or lunch because the kitchen space is not so spacious.

Name of the Company : McDonald’s
Breakfast Hours official McDonald’s site :
McDonald’s founded in the year 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. McDonald’s has more than 6,900 restaurants across the world.

McDonald's Breakfast Hours

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McDonald’s Breakfast Hours or Timings :

McDonald’s Breakfast From Monday to Friday Timings or Hours : 5:00AM TO 10:30AM.
McDonald’s Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday Timings or Hours : 5:00AM TO 11:00AM.

Note : McDonald’s has extended their timings or working hours for the breakfast during the weekends.

Menu of McDonald’s Breakfast :

In the McDonald’s Breakfast Menu You will find 14 items that are available to order and enjoy.

  • Bacon Roll with Brown Sauce.
  • Bacon Roll with Tomato ketchup.
  • Bacon and Egg McMuffins.
  • Breakfast Roll with ketchup.
  • Breakfast Roll with Brown Sauce.
  • Cheesy Bacon Flatbread.
  • Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin.
  • Double Bacon & Egg McMuffin.
  • Egg & Cheese McMuffin.
  • Hash Brown.
  • Muffin with Jam.
  • Pancakes & Syrup.
  • Pancakes & Sausage with Syrup.
  • Sausage & Egg McMuffin.

All Day, In which time will McDonald’s serve their Breakfast Menu :

McDonald’s Clarified that they have no plans to serve breakfast menu all day. Previously, the fans of McMuffin have been calling their Franchises or Branches to make their items 24/7 for years. But McDonald’s clearly stated that they had no time because of lots of items in menu as well as space of the kitchen is less in their Branches. McDonald’s stated in their website that Items in the breakfast menu may vary from the main menu. Which means that they cannot prepare the breakfast and main menu simultaneously due to the lack of space in their kitchen.

About McDonald’s : McDonald’s is founded in 1940. Firstly they started it as restaurant which is runs by Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California, US. McDonald’s Brothers renamed their business as Hamburger stand. They started this company in branches with Golden Arches logo which was invented in 1953. Later that, Ray Kroc named businessman joined in Hamburger as Branch Agent and proceeded to buy branch from the McDonald Brothers. In June 2018 McDonald’s has moved their Headquarters are in Chicago.

Conclusion : Here is the conclusion to the post about McDonald’s Breakfast Hours official site at The timings of McDonald’s Breakfast From Monday to Friday starts at 5:00AM ends at 10:30AM. During the weekends which is on Saturday and Sunday they have extended their closing time to 11:30AM. If you have any doubts regarding to the McDonald’s Breakfast Hours please post your comment below. Follow the for more updates about logins, hours, surveys and more update Tech information.

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